The University of Johannesburg and Saville Consulting (South Africa and Africa) are proud to introduce the Second Annual Leadership in Emerging Countries Conference from 30 to 31 October 2012. We are also proud to announce our keynote speaker – Stephen Drotter, co-author of The Leadership Pipeline (200 000 copies sold).


Human resource managers, psychologists and leadership development practitioners share responsibility with top executives to positively lead the strategic talent management efforts of organisations. Executives frequently rely on these talent management teams to address talent shortages and retain highly skilled employees by means of talent management strategies, assessment methodologies and development interventions. A key challenge for South African organisations is the retention and development of individuals with leadership potential. The University of Johannesburg and Saville Consulting (South Africa and Africa) is actively involved in finding scientific and practical solutions to the leadership challenges within emerging countries. For this reason, we have selected the theme of “Conceptualising, Assessing and Developing Leadership Potential” for the 2012 conference.


The Second Annual Leadership in Emerging Countries Conference focuses on the current and future leadership challenges faced by emerging countries with a specific focus on Leadership Potential.

These challenges can be grouped into three broad domains:

  • The first of these focus on the political–legal, economic, socio-cultural, technological, and people trends over the medium to long-term;
  • The second includes the leadership demands and requirements specific to different sectors; and
  • The last of these centres around the nature of leadership which includes the competencies and competences required in emerging countries.

The third domain encompasses LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL, which is often defined as:

  • An individual’s demonstrated and developmental capabilities – when being compared to others;
  • The ability to influence others, manage the operation and achieve the objectives;
  • The capacity to develop the organisation at the next level of service.


The following participants will benefit from this conference:

  • Leaders and managers from both the private and public sectors who are interested in learning about the challenges of developing leadership potential;
  • Leadership development consultants and trainers involved in formal leadership potential development activities;
  • Psychologists, assessors and coaches involved in the assessment of leadership potential;
  • Academics with an interest in leadership research;
  • Students of leadership.
13 CEU points can be obtained for attending this conference.